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Posted on 29th January 2019


Ahead of Bride: The Wedding Show at Tatton Park on February 2-3, feature sponsor Springbank Flowers traces its business growth from the eighties to the nougthies…

Springbank in the ‘80s

It was a riding accident that led to the creation of Springbank flowers as founder Dianne Lynn recuperated at Springbank Farm and began arranging dried flowers. An interior landscape business quickly followed and when she was offered an old carpet shop in Manchester, a brand new florist on Quay Street in Manchester called Springbank Flowers signalled the start of something unique in 1989.

The grand opening in June that year showcasing fresh flowers and plants in a creative space soon led to lots of clients from the world of television, theatre and football. Situated close to the Opera House, it was perhaps no surprise that Springbank became synonymous with floral designs and event décor with a theatrical feel.

Moving away from traditional floristry, the business was, and always has, remained about design and creativity. Dianne loved setting the trends rather than sticking to the way things had always been done.

The wedding world had been dominated by the Princess Diana effect; large dresses, large hairstyles, large sleeves and definitely large, heavy bouquets. By the end of the 1980s and early 1990s the designs created by Springbank were moving towards a simpler more streamlined feel. They were the first in the North West to begin to create wedding décor and table centrepieces that used props and themes to create a cohesive feel to the whole day.

Springbank in the ‘90s

In 1993, Dianne Lynn and Jean Burr opened another shop in the Great Northern warehouse development with 3000 sq/ft of shop and office space to accommodate the expanding business. Springbank soon became involved in various television work for Granada and the BBC and lots of celebrity weddings followed.

During the 1990s the reputation of the company as the go-to florist continued to grow.

In the North West, The Lord Mayors Ball from 1994 to 2002; the opening party for Cameron Macintosh’s Phantom of the Opera, and flowers for the Commonwealth Games closing party were just a few of the prestigious events that Springbank supplied flowers for.

In 1995, a warehouse was purchased in Castlefield and the company had grown to employ 26 people. During this time Dianne set up the Taylor Lynn Corporation with Liz Taylor and sold her Quay St. Shop to one of her employees, Ruth, who still runs the shop to this day.

This allowed Springbank to concentrate on the events flower business and they travelled all over the U.K. and abroad supplying floral décor for corporate clients, celebrities and royalty.

Many of the Springbank florists have gone on to open their own successful floristry business, working in the unique Springbank way.

Springbank in the ‘00s

The year 2000 was one of massive change for Springbank as the business moved to a two-acre site in Cornbrook to accommodate Springbank and TLC.

Two years later, creative director Anna-Liisa Evans returned from working in Switzerland to set up her own flower business and bumped into Dianne at Smithfield flower market, which eventually culminated in Dianne persuading Anna-Liisa to join Springbank.

They worked extremely well together, and both believe that their lack of formal floristry training enabled them to express designs in a unique and creative manner. This further developed the Springbank reputation for innovation, supplying flowers for many amazing events and stars such as Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna and J-Lo to name a few.

In December 2004, Anna-Liisa bought Springbank from Dianne and ever since the reputation of the company has continued to grow and its client base has continued to expand. Never losing sight of its heritage and personal touch, many of Springbank’s clients are now the children and grandchildren of loyal and cherished clients from the early years.

A glimpse into the past 12 months sees the varied scope of Springbank, dressing weddings from Newcastle to London and Criccieth to Loch Lomond, building huge igloos on the 19th floor at 20 storeys and a huge 40ft tree at MCFC, and dressing the launch of The Ivy in Manchester. The future promises a new and exciting events base in Henbury, weddings in Marbella and Maastricht, and of course, strengthening relationships with the fabulous venues in and around Cheshire and Manchester.

Springbank Flowers is a feature sponsor at Bride: The Wedding Show at Tatton Park on February 2 and 3, from 10am-5pm, and will be decorating the entrance to the venue as well as showcasing floral displays at Tenants’ Hall.

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